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The Indian Business Alliance (IBA) has been recognized for its valuable contributions to the Days of Moscow in India, which took place from 18 to 22 November in Delhi and Mumbai.


The Department of Foreign Economic and International Relations of Moscow expressed its gratitude to the IBA for its assistance in preparing the event.

The Days of Moscow in India were a celebration of the cultural and economic ties between the two nations, and provided a platform for businesses and individuals to explore potential collaborations and partnerships.


The event featured a range of activities, including business forums, cultural exchanges, and exhibitions.

The IBA played a role in the preparation of the event, providing valuable insights and support to ensure its success.


The organization's expertise and knowledge of the Indian market were instrumental in facilitating connections between Russian and Indian businesses, and in promoting the event to a wider audience.

The recognition from the Department of Foreign Economic and International Relations of Moscow is a testament to the IBA's commitment to fostering strong relationships between India and Russia, and to its dedication to promoting business and cultural exchanges between the two nations.


The organization looks forward to continuing its efforts to strengthen ties between India and Russia, and to supporting future events and initiatives.

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